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Winning Retirement Radio

Nov 25, 2019

As 2019 winds down, many are spending time reflecting on the past year contemplating accomplishments, as well as mistakes. Ideally, we’ve learned lessons from both. Today Greg & Kristin explain how to assess your retirement, and make sure you’re on track to reach your goals for 2020 and beyond!

Nov 18, 2019

If you’re a soon to be or current retiree, this is likely a question you’ve wondered about. Today Greg and Kristin explore one of the BIGGEST lies of wall street: Average rates of return… And how it can negatively impact your retirement.

Nov 11, 2019

Greg & Kristin not only discuss the best s’mores making techniques, but use this classic campfire treat to illustrate how the price we pay for something in the future is going to be drastically higher than the price we’re paying today. Inflation is one of the keys to efficiently managing future expenses, and they...

Nov 4, 2019

It’s a painful reality, but millions of Americans are struggling to care for a spouse, aging parent or family member suffering from serious health issues. Caregiving responsibilities can unfortunately take a toll on the caregivers’ emotions and finances. Greg and Kristin share a real-life example that illustrates...